Other Services


Baptism, sometimes called Christening, takes place during the main service on Sundays. Families and individuals should contact the Vicar to arrange for Christenings in advance. There is no charge for this sacrament and everyone who lives in the Parish is entitled to baptism. Children usually have Godparents and these God parents must, themselves, have been baptised.

We usually welcome at least 25 people (both children and adults), for baptism each year.


For many people, the next step in the Christian journey is Confirmation.

If you feel called to the Christian faith and would like to be confirmed in that faith and so receive Holy Communion contact Fr Richard and he will prepare you for confirmation by the Bishop.



Everyone who lives in Old Heath is entitled to be married at St.Barnabas Church providing that they have not previously been married and there is no ‘impediment’ or lawful reason why they should not be married. Marriage is the union of a man with a woman in the eyes of God and the church.



Marriage Service  £424

Banns of marriage £28

Organist £60

Total £512

If you are considering marriage, why not think of being married in your parish church? Photos may be taken in the Church Garden or in the Vicarage garden and will be just as beautiful as pictures taken at an expensive hotel!

At least 6 weeks notice is required for a wedding ceremony.


Father Richard will make every effort to be available to conduct the funerals of people who have lived and died in the parish regardless of whether they have been church goers. Many funerals are conducted in the Cemetery / Crematorium Chapel by Fr Richard but if you prefer (or would like) the funeral to take place in the Church you will be very welcome – there is no extra charge for a church funeral. The Funeral Directors will advise you concerning the practicalities of the funeral but Fr. Richard will always visit the bereaved to discuss the service and cremation or burial with you and to offer pastoral support.



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